How to prevent heart disease?

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1. Be smoke-free 

Staying smoke-free is one of the best things you can do to defend your heart.

2. Control your blood cholesterol

Fatty substance provided in your blood by Cholesterol. Cholesterol is needed for the body to be healthy, but the inequality of cholesterol in your blood can guide to a heart attack.

3. Control your blood pressure

Normally, you can feel something isn’t a Blood pressure. If the blood pressure is very high, it requires to be treated.

4. Regulate diabetes

It’s essential to control your diabetes to help prevent a heart attack or stroke.

5. Stay physically active 

For your heart health moderate physical activity, It’s never too slow to start and get the advantages. It’s also necessary to sit less during your day and break up your sitting time.

6. Manage a healthy weight

The risk of heart disease and other health problems can overcome by keeping a healthy weight. It can better understand your body mass ratio and waist measurements and what these mean.

7. Use a variety of nutritious foods

Having a different diet of healthy foods can support your weight, blood pressure and cholesterol.


Managing Heart Health During Pregnancy

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Pregnancy will be sort of a magic ball that enables you to check a glimpse of the longer term. Several pregnant ladies expertise numerous health problems, most of that area unit temporary. In some cases, however, it’s going to be a sign that you’re a bigger risk for disorder or alternative conditions later in life.

If you’re involved regarding your health or your baby’s health, speak together with your medical specialist or one among our cardiologists. to manage heart health throughout pregnancy, you must bear in mind of many problems.


A rise in blood flow and further stress on the heart could be a common part of pregnancy. The quantity of blood in your body will increase by regarding fifty % to nourish your growing baby, and your heart generates way more blood throughout now. For that reason, your rate might quicken by regarding ten to fifteen beats per minute.


An abnormal heartbeat is common throughout pregnancy. If there’s no previous history of heart disease or alternative medical considerations occurring at the same time, this issue is sometimes benign.

If this becomes difficult throughout your pregnancy or causes dizziness or shortness of breath, you must speak along with your doctor or look for immediate treatment. This can be one thing you must particularly be aware of if you’ve got been diagnosed with cardiac arrhythmia within the past.


Some ladies feel spikes in blood pressure, which should be observed and controlled.


Natural heart defects, symptom cardiopathy, and heart valve problems all will have an influence on your body throughout maternity. Confirm your doctor is aware that you just have these pre-existing conditions or different conditions that will have an effect on you throughout now.

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