Paediatric Cardiologist In Pune

Paediatric cardiology is a sub-specialty under Cardiology which deals with fetus, neonates, infants, and children with congenital and acquired heart defects and adults with congenital heart defects. This division caters to a large number of patients and provides diagnostic and therapeutic services them and referral to a surgical specialist when needed.

Paediatric Cardiology is concerned with diseases of the heart in the growing and developing the individual. As well as expertise in heart disease, Paediatric Cardiologists in Pune also need a thorough grounding in general pediatrics, in order to provide all-around patient care.

Paediatric Cardiologist in Pune is broadly treating congenital heart disease (present at birth), arrhythmias (variations in heartbeat rhythm) and disturbances of circulatory function.

What is Paediatric cardiologist

The pediatric cardiologist is a doctor who diagnoses and treats children with the cardiac condition. They work with patient antenatally, through childhood and into adulthood.

FAQ on Pediatric Cardiologist

How long will the surgery take?

The amount of time in the operating room depending upon the child’s heart defect and type of surgery. Your surgeon will be able to answer this question. When the surgery is completed, your surgeon will meet with you. Parents are allowed to visit the child approximately one hour after the child’s arrival in the PICU.

Where do parents wait during the surgery?

There is a large waiting area in the Hospital, near the cardiac operating rooms. Parents, another family, and friends may wait there. Someone from the operating room will update you during the surgery.

Will my child need a blood transfusion?

Yes, with very few exceptions, any child have heart surgery will need a blood transfusion. We encourage family and friends to donate blood for the child.

How long will my child be in the hospital?

Every child is different. Every day your child is here, your doctor and will make it a priority to communicate with you about the child’s condition and progress and plan for discharge.

When will my child be able to eat?

It is very important that the child not eat after midnight on the night before the surgery. After surgery, every child is different and it will depend upon the kind of surgery he has, but children are often ready to start eating one day after their heart surgery.

When do we have to come back to the hospital?

Your child will be seen by the nurse practitioner or the surgeon for a wound check 1-2 weeks after being discharged from the hospital. You will also see the cardiologist in 1-2 weeks and continue to follow with him or her throughout the child’s life. It is also important that your regular pediatrician sees the child soon after surgery.

Role Of A Paediatric Cardiologist

  • To provide the highest quality cardiology care for the children
  • To provide expertise in all areas of pediatric cardiology services available to all ages – from the unborn to the adult with congenital heart disease
  • To value compassionate care and service
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