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Is 2D Echo Test Effective in Detecting Heart Blockages

One Patient of Dr. Rahul Patil has asked him is 2D echo and color Doppler Test can effective in detecting heart blockages?

As this was a very interesting question he thought he should make a video on this and make people aware of that.

2D echocardiography and color Doppler is a Test That is as good as sonography Of the heart. In these tests, you can see the heart from insides like heart muscles, the valves, the blood flow, the chamber dilatation, and the heart function but you do not see the blocks in the heart.

It is a simple test that can be done on an outpatient basis in a clinic where you lie on the table, it takes hardly 2 minutes and the doctor can tell the heart function, but it would be a good test to confirm old heart attack ongoing heart attack it cannot predict future heart attacks.

If the patient comes for ECHO and if he sees some part of the heart is damaged or infected then it surely tells that it may have the heart blockage in The Arteries and can locate that arteries, But it can say that how much Percentage is blocked.

It is possible that you may have normal heart function or normal echocardiography but you may have to underline multiple blocks, this is quite controversial but it is true
because when you do echocardiography you are resting on a table and in this position, the Heart does not have to do many efforts and you may have blocks in the heart in normal heart function.

So Along with 2D echocardiography do a stress test or TMT so the doctor can help that you may have the heart blockage

Whenever you go to the doctor 2D echo and stress tests Should be combined to confirm whether you have possibility blocks in the heart, Once your stress is positive then your doctor will advise you angiography

An Angiography is the only test that confirms blocks in the heart.
2D Echocardiography and color doppler is the only test that can help in making a diagnosis of heart failure because heart failure diagnosis will be done depending on heart function.

So Normal heart function is more than 60% pumping of heart,
If someone has pumping less than 40% it is called significant heart failure, less than 30is very severe heart failure.

So 2D echocardiography and color doppler test is very important to test which can hardly take 2 to 3 minutes but can help you in making a lot of diagnoses related to the heart.

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