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Precautions to be taken post Angioplasty Procedure | Dr. Rahul Patil | Cardiologist in Pune

In this video, Dr. Rahul Patil has answered an important question about what precautions to be taken after angioplasty…
Dr. Rahul Patil – A cardiologist in Pune, India has spoken that how should patient live their life after angioplasty or bypass surgery.
This video is divided into 3 parts i.e
1.Lifestyle,food & diet
2. Medications
3. Further investigation to prevent heart Diseases

So In the first part has talked about Lifestyle, food & diet So after angioplasty surgery, you need to know from your doctor what is your heart-pumping capacity that is called an Ejection fraction, EF, or echocardiography report.
This report says the number in percentage.
The EF above 50% is Normal,
40-50 is mild Dysfunction,
40-30 is moderate Dysfunction,
less than 30 severe Dysfunction,
less than 20 very severe Dysfunction where the risk of death is very high.

So for the patient with severe and very severe heart Dysfunction are recommended to take rest for at least 15 days to 1 month, they can only do the household activities or go for walking, for the patient with moderate Dysfunction whose EF is 40-30 should walk around the house but not beyond that they can walk up to 25-30 minutes, for the patient with mild Dysfunction whose EF is 40-50 they can go for a long-distance walk for 35 to 45min after 10 to 15 days of the procedure but their pace should be slow and normal, Those whose EF is 50% they start their routine life after 10 days of Procedure but they can avoid heavy lifting, pushing or pulling heavy objects because we have seen patients doing that can cause blood clots and Re-Heart attack.

So talking about further exercises after a month take follow up with your doctor EV assess to your doctor because he expects the heart function should be improved but it depends upon the damage to the heart, if the damage to the heart is permanent and long-standing then you may be slow recovery so after that follow up your doctor recommended further exercises and that you should obey or follow your doctor.

Talking about the physical & sexual relations after a heart attack, so he believes that most of the patients can restart their physical &sexual relations probably after 3 months of surgery if their heart function is normal if they have done a good amount of treadmill tests observed by a cardiologist.

Talking about the Diet, for the first 15 days you should be on the liquid diet with lots of fiber, fewer spices oil, and salt, if possible have boiled food. The patient is already on medications, so eating spicy food and heavy meals can cause acidity, this is the time you cannot avoid the medications so better to avoid acidity Nausea & vomiting because the doctor feels insecure if you stop the medications because there is a high chance of blood clotting after Angioplasty. this is the first 3 months or 6 months after angioplasty where the statin which is inserted in your heart or balloon dilatation the healing process get completed, if this time if you stop your medicine there is a high chance of blood clotting of re-heart attack or second heart attack, without the consultation of your doctor do not stop the medication’s, then After 15 days you can come to eat regular food but with fewer spices, oil, and salt.

So his Experience says that if you work hard for a maximum of 3 months to 1 year of healing period then you should avoid the spicy and oily heavy meals. For vegetarians, you should have 40 to 50% proteins in your diet which will be in the form of sprouts, seeds, nuts, soybean, and Paneer. carbohydrates about 30% and fats about 20%, try to balance it. Drinking of water depends on your heart function if your Heart has poor heart function about 20-30% limit your liquid intake to 1.5 liters and if your heart function is normal then you can have adequate liquids and water.

After all this, you should have regular follow up with your doctor is necessary the doctor will suggest changes in the diet and he can bring you to a normal lifestyle maybe after 3 months or 6 months.

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