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Emergency Primary Care To Save Life During Heart Attack | Dr. Rahul Patil | Cardiologist in Pune

Recently his one of his friend Told an incident that happened in his society and his neighborhood. A very young gentleman had discomfort at 2 O’Clock at midnight and he went incautious by that time ambulance came took him to the hospital he was declared dead, it was a very shocking incident for everyone and as a society member they couldn’t help the neighbor.
So his friend asked him that for some primary care if someone gets a heart attack how could we help as common man.
To understand more about this I thought I should talk about this to the whole world’s population as well that if someone going through a heart attack and then how you can prevent too sudden death.

Firstly you need to understand the symptoms of heart attack, the chest Discomfort which is absolutely in the center of chest which presses chest causes heaviness, severe discomfort which can radiate to his shoulder, left arm, jaw or neck may be choking sensation along with that breathing difficulty for few sweating if over period of time this symptoms are increasing then this is the thing you need to know this could be a heart attack . It is very common in families if someone has diabetes, blood pressure or smoking, once you know this is the heart attack you have to cautious First thing because of this panic situation Most of the people are fearful, and because of fear they are not breathing properly they may hold your chest and hold their breathe also so just ask patient to relax, tell them to take deep breathing it is very important because of inadequate breathe the oxygen is inadequate which can cause sudden cardiac death.

First hour is extremely curious because that is the time people will die arrhythmias or abnormal beating of heart. you should have some emergency ambulance number or hospital nearby so you can call these people for help till that time ask your patient to comfortably lie on the floor not on the bed because the floor has a hard surface if something goes long to the patient then that is the time extremely tactful.

The second important thing it is been seen that if you cough during this event it will help your heart to increase blood supply to your heart, it will also increase blood pressure so that your get adequate blood and 3rd it also increases heart beats.

So, it is been seen even in my Angiography and angioplasty surgery if someone suddenly drops his blood pressure or cardiac arrest on his table Or someone has fallen in pulses so that we tell our patient to cough and this cough technique is repeatedly to do it, then it t increase blood supply, blood pressure, and heartbeat and with this patient stabilizes. there are patients where blood clots which has been blocked in the arteries and that is opened up because of expulsive coughing but unfortunately, your patients suddenly arrest and become unconscious.

The most important thing you need to look at his pulse, if a pulse is not palpable then you can put you pulse oximeter and if reading it is reading the pulse then the most important part here comes in that is CPR.

This is the most simple technique where you compress the chest of near one so that the patients get the inadequate blood supply to brain and patients is survived, good adequate pressure compression of chest save 50%of the people cardiac arrest situation. So you need to learn how CPR is done, unless you got the D-shock machine the patient is got going to survive because in the first hour it is a ventricular situation which cause of sudden cardiac death, So you need to have Dc-shock machine.

So I believe that in near future malls multiplex, maybe some societies can also purchase a DC-shock machine which immediately and automatically delivers a shock to a person and can save the life. today we are also aware that we CPR automatic machine which can put to the patients and automatically deliver CPR. So by that, the patient is survived and he reaches the Hospital.

So these are some of the very important which need to be passed across so everyone understands some basic primary aid to management of heart attack.

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