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Aeson – The First-Ever Artificial Heart  

Carmat a french based med-tech company has graned approval for supplying the Aeson artificial heart that they developed. Temporarily the implant is allowed to form a so-called ‘bridge-to-transplant.


“The artificial heart is named after a mythological legend named Aeson who drank a magic potion and became 40 years younger.”

Aeson is aimed at patients who are scheduled for a heart transplant within 180 days. the artificial heart is additionally suitable for patients for whom a supportive heart or LVAD (Left Ventricular Assist Device) doesn’t work.

The go-ahead signal from the European Union also has got to do with the structural shortage of heart donors. Carmat’s device is meant for patients with severe biventricular coronary failure. this is often a life-threatening condition whereby the heart isn’t any longer ready to pump blood adequately through the body.

Carmat is going to help patients from Germany and France first starting in April. according to the company, 2000 people within the European Union are currently on the waiting list for a heart transplant.

Aeson’s contribution will become a part of a French study within which 52 patients are set to take part. The first 95 patients are going to be closely monitored to collect data on the performance of the Aeson. 

Given its size, the utilization of highly biocompatible materials, and its unique self-regulatory system, the Aeson could soon occupy a unique place.

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