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Omicron Virus and How To Protect Yourself? Dr. Rahul Patil | Cardiologist in Pune

In this video, Dr. Rahul Patil – Consultant cardiologist in Pune has spoken about the Omicron variant of the covid-19 virus.

On 26 November 2021 WHO gave an alarm of new covid-19 Variant Omicron, the technical team of WHO which includes Scientists, microbiologist, genomics, and Researchers they Labeled this new variant as b1.1.529. this virus was found in South Africa (Botswana) and various Small states of South Africa They appeared to be widely spreading very fast and have created havoc in South African Countries. Within 2-3 days the Virus has Started spreading across the world lately found in Israel, Austria, small European countries like Hongkong, and on the 2nd of December it was found in Bangalore, India.
The Patients of Indian origin have mild symptoms in the forms of fever, body ache, myalgia muscle Pain, and cough.

Patients are under observation and probably in a few days we will come to know their situation

Why this omicron has created a big noise across the world, the reason is virus appears to be covid-19 family but has undergone 50 new Mutation, Out of this 50 Mutation, 30 mutation are on the cover of virus which is called spike proteins.
Certain mutations make this virus easily transmissible to your body and that’s the reason this can spread very fast.
The research also says that the virus has undergone mutation in the patients who have immune-compromised HIV patients.
It takes a long time for any virus to get 50 mutations so likely this HIV patient or AIDS patient from Botswana has this virus for a long time in his body to get into 50 mutations.

Other than HIV and AIDS patients, the people who have a poor immune system,
1. Diabetes,
2. Insulin Therapy
3. Heart Disease
4. Bypass surgery
5. Poor Lung Function
So this are the people who have an immune system, their immunity is so poor that they can catch this virus very easily and can have a severe form of the disease.

So My Message to the across India is:-
The first precaution is to take the vaccination of 2 doses complete as early as possible
the secondly the universal precautions of covid-19 have to follow, you have to wear a mask, keep social distancing and hand sanitization
the message to the government is the people who are coming to overseas should be strictly kept under surveillance. those people who have a fever, body ache, vomiting, the cough should undergo screening and keep under isolation.

Those people who are coming from the countries where the virus has been found should keep for Quarantine for 7 to 15 days, by taking this care we can avoid the rapid spread of this virus.

Researchers are still studying whether the current vaccine is protecting you from viruses or not and what medications are useful for treating this new virus Omicron.
The Time required for this research and the time required for the spread of the virus is going to determine where you are going to be safe or not.

So follow the basic rules to keep the virus away because if it is rapidly spread across the country then it will be very difficult for doctors to treat the patients.
Thank You.

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