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Ignorance Can Cost You, Your life

According to The Hindu Business Line, Heart disease and stroke together contributed to 28·1% of total deaths in India in 2016 —compared with 15·2% in 1990. Heart disease contributed 17·8% of total deaths in India. The primary reason being lack of awareness and knowledge. Dr. Rahul Patil – one of the Best cardiologist in Pune, who is continuously thriving to create awareness amongst people for heart-related conditions.

The number of cases for heart attack has vastly increased in the past decade and so have the death rate relating to it. The unusual symptoms of heart attack are one of the main reasons for usually misleading patients for some other reason for their discomfort and not a heart problem, resulting in a delay for medical help, which is the usual reason for complications in patient’s outcomes. 

It increasing the risk factor because the more you delay visiting the doctor from the onset of pain more will be the damage caused to your heart. Resulting in more complications even with the best of treatment and health institute. So it is said time is the muscle of the heart. 

The usual symptoms of a heart attack are heaviness in the chest, pressure symptoms, shoulder pain and left arm pain associated with sweating. 30% of people may have severe acidity, nausea, and vomiting as a symptom of a heart attack. In Rarely cases people may have shoulder pain, back pain, choking sensation in neck or only jaw pain as a symptom of a heart attack. Thus leading to confusion in the patients for timely and proper diagnosis.

A similar case took place on 25th Feb 2020 a young female of 55 years was admitted to hospital for acute chest pain for the past six hours. On examining the ECG, Dr. Rahul Patil – best cardiologist in india, confirmed a heart attack in the right artery with 100% blockage with blood clots.Dr. Rahul patil-best cardiologist in pune with patient

The patient was advised an urgent primary angioplasty. It is a special and complex form of angioplasty with a lot of clots in the heart that needed to be removed, only minuscule of people are trained and have the expertise in this procedure and Dr. Rahul Patil is one of them, one of the best cardiologists in pune.

Despite many complications, the procedure went successfully and in 12 hours the patient was happy and pain-free. A cardiologist is the only one, who is skilled enough to make it stop and restart altogether. But the problem does not end here itself. We all need to be aware of our health and start listening to what our body wants to convey by its small but crucial signs, let’s work towards it. One needs to cherish what he has. 

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