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Monthly Archives: December 2021

8 Amazing Facts About Heart | Dr. Rahul Patil | Best Cardiologist in Pune

In this video, Dr. Rahul Patil – A cardiologist in Pune, has spoken about 8 Interesting facts about the heart:

1. an average heart beats 60-90 beats per minute and pumps about 4 – 5 litres of blood per minute.

2. On average, it can beat around 1lakh beats per day and can pump about 7600-litre blood per day.

3. The blood travels across the body through blood vessels, and if you are going to stretch these blood vessels, they are almost 9600 km in length, where you can go around the world two times.

4. Heart generate ATP (Adenosine triphosphate); it is the energy for pumping the blood. Heart generated almost 25 Kg of ATP per day. A normal heart needs only about 5% of blood out of the total blood pumped out of the heart.

5. Heart is the only organ that consumes about 70 % of oxygen, whereas the entire body consumes around only 30 % of the blood’s oxygen.

6. Females have around 6 – 8 beats more than men. Usually, women are protected from a heart attack until 45, when their menstrual cycle is regular. Postmenopause the risk of a heart attack in male and female are the same. But if the female has diabetes or smokes, the risk of heart attack is higher in females than males.

7. Usually, every human being relaxes on Saturdays and Sundays, but the highest incidences of heart attack are seen on Mondays. We don’t know, but it is said that excessive alcohol or late-night parties could be the reason for Monday heart attack.

8. Most heart attacks are early in the morning, between 4 am to 6 am. The scientific reason for this is that this is the time the body has a high level of blood clotting.

The language used in this video is #English.

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Dr. Rahul Raosaheb Patil is one of the best cardiologist in Pune, India. He is an accomplished
Interventional Cardiologist, practicing since 2006. He is also the Director and Interventional Cardiologist at Hridayam Heart Clinic in Pune. He has been serving as a Consulting Cardiologist at Ruby Hall Clinic since 2006.

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