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What’ the Relation Between Sleep & Heart Attack? Dr. Rahul Patil | Best Cardiologist in Pune

In this video Dr. Rahul Patil has spoken about the relation between sleep and heart attack.

In general a human being need around 6 – 9 hours of sound sleep. This is the time when the body secrets the Melatonin Hormone. This is the hormone that regulates the sleep and cell repair.
If someone sleeps less than 6 hours a day there is a rise in Epinephrine & Nonepinephrine Stress Hormone. These are the hormone which will cause in increase in HSCRP levels, which will cause stiffening of blood vessels of the heart, increase in insulin resistance, it will cause high pressures and blood clot formation. This is the mechanism that can cause heart attacks in a person who sleeps less than 6 hours a day.

Recently conducted survey in twenty thousand population, which was published in American Journal of Cardiology. The population where American and British, it was found that those people who were sleeping less than 6 hours a day, they increased the chance of getting heart attack by 20 %. On the contrary those people who are sleeping more than 9 hours a day the heart attack rate increases by 36 %.

But hose people who are sleeping regularly between 6 – 9 hours a day the risk of getting heart attack was reduced by 18 %. What do you mean by regular and routine sleep? Some people may sleep at 12 at mid night and get up at 7 A.M. Some people may sleep at 10P.M. at night and get up 5 A.M in the morning and some day at 10 A.M or 6 A.M.

It is not a regular sleep. Despite this irregularity it was seen that you may complete 7 hours of good sleep but because of poor regularity in your sleep you still carry a high risk of heart attack. The reason was said that the melatonin realize of hormone was insufficient to regulate your cell repair and sleep. So you have to regulate your sleep pattern by sleeping at particular time and getting up absolutely on time in morning.

These are some of the tips to get you a sound sleep and regulate your sleep pattern:

1. Inculcate a habit of waking up at a particular time in the morning, once you do that the sleep will automatically be regulated at night at a given time.

2. Daily exercise for 45 minutes to 1 Hour will cause fatigue and that will also increase melatonin hormone and could regulate your sleep.

3. The room in which you sleep should be absolutely dark and sound proof.

4. The cellphone, laptops and T. V. Screens should be avoided 1 hour prior to the sleep, these are devices that release the ultraviolet B rays and will decrease the realize of melatonin hormone, which regulates your sleep.

If you would follow these instructions, your sleep will be absolutely fine and you will reduce your risk of heart attack by 20%. To know more about heart attack and treatment you can contact me on the given number or visit the website.

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Dr. Rahul Raosaheb Patil is one of the best cardiologist in Pune, India. He is an accomplished
Interventional Cardiologist, practicing since 2006. He is also the Director and Interventional Cardiologist at Hridayam Heart Clinic in Pune. He has been serving as a Consulting Cardiologist at Ruby Hall Clinic since 2006.

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